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Remote Mission Infographics
Infographics about the RM community. Remote Mission is an inclusive remote jobs platform, newsletter and community that gives all people with skills access to flexible jobs that make a difference to their lives and to the planet.
Dřevo Života: Identity (logomanual)
Identity design for Dřevo Života.
What is the reality?
The aim of this project is to communicate the official figures about the key social issues in an understandable and eye-catching way. Because It is extremely important that public perception of the key social issues is based on reality.
Annual Report TamJdem NGO
Annual Report for a Czech NGO.
Manifesto — 'sell your soul' What matters to me? What are the key factors which dictate my life? I am a spontaneous person! But nowadays, society has rules. They are everywhere around us. In the beginning of the design process I sat down in order to write some sufficient rules of how to be spontaneous. Then I realised what I was doing, writing rules as well. So what is the point of being spontaneous? It is the complete opposite thing. Don't plan. Do the first thing that is on your mind! So I did! The engraved text as shown is the statement of my own beliefs and thoughts. From time to time I suppose it is important to forget about all the rules and be just free. It doesn‘t matter if you agree or disagree. Just be spontaneous. My manifesto is aiming to provoke reaction which will cause action in each of us. What the action will be like is up to everyone as everyone is unique. Spontaneity means different things to all of us.
Nové háro: T-shirt
Nové háro as a Czech based non-profit, that makes wigs from real hair for children that lost their hair due to an illness. The original drawing, except for the sign "Anna for Nové háro" that I created based on the style, was drawn by a girl called Anna, who has unfortunately passed away due to an illness and who also lost her hair for the same reason. Nové háro asked me to make her drawing digital, then we were able to produce this T-shirt in order to support the organisation in its activities. I managed the production process and found sustainable garment and printer.
How do I see my future? A course brief asked me to produce a piece of work - size A1 about my future. Instead of printing out paper poster which everyone else did I decide to look at this design challenge from a different angle. I design this blanket speaks not just only about my future but also about my past. "It always seem impossible until it's done." by Nelson Mandela is an important statement in my life. "With a bit of care and support everything is possible." that is something which I made up along the time. It could certainly work as a printed poster but I wanted to give it to it additional value. Therefore I came up with an idea of using blanket as the medium for the type.
Zero Tolerance: Annual Report
Zero Tolerance is a Scottish based non-profit that fights against violence against women. I was asked to design annual report following the brand's guidelines.
Celista: Logo installation
Installation of a metal logo I designed for a health & wellness coach. I worked independently on naming, concept idea, spraying of the logo and installation. Soon I will release a full presentation of this project with a concept description.
Wedding invitations
Bilingual wedding invitations.
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