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Business Card AnyzOn
The design of the AnyzOn business cards takes into consideration the challenge of sustainability. By using the QR code the amount of unnecessary paper can be reduced.
In these days, I work remotely, which means I travel all the time. I get bored of hostels and hotels, so from time to time I get to do a workaway, which means I volunteer in exchange for a bed and food. Very often I volunteer by doing some graphics for my hosts, so it is a real mixture of things from laying out a poster to illustrations and branding consultancy. Happy travelling! :)
Unconditional Love
Have you ever realised that dog is the only creature that will love you regardless your sexual orientation, race, nationality, gender or religion? What this poster says is that we should get inspired by this attitude towards all human beings. The poster was designed for the international competition organised by The brief was to tell about love and right to love in the world.
Annual Report TamJdem NGO
Annual Report for a Czech NGO.
Production Room
An experiment. The task was to communicate what we can and can't do in our brand new printing room at university. My message was: "Treat this room as it was your room." You can see the actual room on the leaflet.
Remote Mission: Infographics
Infographics about the RM community, this infographic targets businesses that are looking for quality employees. Remote Mission is an inclusive remote jobs platform, newsletter and community that gives all people with skills access to flexible jobs that make a difference to their lives and to the planet.
The Odd Things
Annual Report for the Foundation - Beauty of Help
Annual Report for Tatana Kucharova's Foundation - Beauty of Help. The whole report can be seen here:
Klidné Místo: Visual Identity and Branding
The visual identity reflects the diversity of themes and activities that Klidné Místo does (personal coaching, workshops, lifestyle and health consultancy).
RUBIKON Centre: Iconography
This iconography is a result of a long-term co-operation with RUBIKON Centre. Some of the icons were created for the Annual Report 2018 I have also designed. Each icon describes different areas that RB has to deal with, for example social system, general public, experts, employers, etc. RUBIKON Center is a non-profit, civil society organisation, that helps people who want to overcome their criminal past. RC supports them on their way back into society, in gaining and sustaining work, in dealing with debt and being responsible towards oneself, family and their surroundings.
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