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Unconditional Love
Have you ever realised that dog is the only creature that will love you regardless your sexual orientation, race, nationality, gender or religion? What this poster says is that we should get inspired by this attitude towards all human beings. The poster was designed for the international competition organised by The brief was to tell about love and right to love in the world.
Nové háro: T-shirt
Nové háro as a Czech based non-profit, that makes wigs from real hair for children that lost their hair due to an illness. The original drawing, except for the sign "Anna for Nové háro" that I created based on the style, was drawn by a girl called Anna, who has unfortunately passed away due to an illness and who also lost her hair for the same reason. Nové háro asked me to make her drawing digital, then we were able to produce this T-shirt in order to support the organisation in its activities. I managed the production process and found sustainable garment and printer.
Life Drawing
Some of my drawings which I did between 2008 - 2011. A few were done during my studies at University of Ostrava where I had a subject specialised in 'life drawing'.
The Odd Things
Annual Report TamJdem NGO
Annual Report for a Czech NGO.
Czech Your Friends
Earthquake in Nepal
Production Room
An experiment. The task was to communicate what we can and can't do in our brand new printing room at university. My message was: "Treat this room as it was your room." You can see the actual room on the leaflet.
Wedding invitations
Bilingual wedding invitations.
Otevři oči: Study of the logotype redesign
Otevři oči is a Czech based organisation, that is aiming to improve the status of animals within the society through the promotion of vegan lifestyle. I conducted a study of the logotype and essentially of the whole brand with the aim of improving the communication with the target audience and overall messaging of Otevři oči.
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