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Earthquake in Nepal
RUBIKON Centre: Iconography
This iconography is a result of a long-term co-operation with RUBIKON Centre. Some of the icons were created for the Annual Report 2018 I have also designed. Each icon describes different areas that RB has to deal with, for example social system, general public, experts, employers, etc. RUBIKON Center is a non-profit, civil society organisation, that helps people who want to overcome their criminal past. RC supports them on their way back into society, in gaining and sustaining work, in dealing with debt and being responsible towards oneself, family and their surroundings.
The Odd Things
Vařím pro dobrou věc: Cookbook
The cookbook is a result of a long-term cooperation with a Czech based non-profit. I created the general concept, layout, format, picked the paper (recycled one) and printer and was in charge of production. I also drew the illustrations and was working alongside the general guidelines I created for the organisation.
Remote Mission: Infographics
Infographics about the RM community, this infographic targets businesses that are looking for quality employees. Remote Mission is an inclusive remote jobs platform, newsletter and community that gives all people with skills access to flexible jobs that make a difference to their lives and to the planet.
In these days, I work remotely, which means I travel all the time. I get bored of hostels and hotels, so from time to time I get to do a workaway, which means I volunteer in exchange for a bed and food. Very often I volunteer by doing some graphics for my hosts, so it is a real mixture of things from laying out a poster to illustrations and branding consultancy. Happy travelling! :)
Manifesto — 'sell your soul' What matters to me? What are the key factors which dictate my life? I am a spontaneous person! But nowadays, society has rules. They are everywhere around us. In the beginning of the design process I sat down in order to write some sufficient rules of how to be spontaneous. Then I realised what I was doing, writing rules as well. So what is the point of being spontaneous? It is the complete opposite thing. Don't plan. Do the first thing that is on your mind! So I did! The engraved text as shown is the statement of my own beliefs and thoughts. From time to time I suppose it is important to forget about all the rules and be just free. It doesn‘t matter if you agree or disagree. Just be spontaneous. My manifesto is aiming to provoke reaction which will cause action in each of us. What the action will be like is up to everyone as everyone is unique. Spontaneity means different things to all of us.
Czech Your Friends
Když Tělo Řekne NE: Book Cover
Very proud to be working with a Czech based publishing - Peoplecomm, who spreads word and publishes books that can change life. My job was to design the book cover. I was art directing the overall layout of the cover, including the typography of the cover, and the choice of the main photo, which was taken by Pavel Ovsík. "Když tělo řekne NE" (English title: When the Body Says No) is an international bestseller translated into fifteen languages, it promotes learning and healing, providing transformative insights into how disease can be the body’s way of saying no to what the mind cannot or will not acknowledge.
Otevři oči: Study of the logotype redesign
Otevři oči is a Czech based organisation, that is aiming to improve the status of animals within the society through the promotion of vegan lifestyle. I conducted a study of the logotype and essentially of the whole brand with the aim of improving the communication with the target audience and overall messaging of Otevři oči.
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