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In these days, I work remotely, which means I travel all the time. I get bored of hostels and hotels, so from time to time I get to do a workaway, which means I volunteer in exchange for a bed and food. Very often I volunteer by doing some graphics for my hosts, so it is a real mixture of things from laying out a poster to illustrations and branding consultancy. Happy travelling! :)
Annual Report for the Foundation - Beauty of Help
Annual Report for Tatana Kucharova's Foundation - Beauty of Help. The whole report can be seen here:
The Ukraine Crisis
typography book about the crisis in Ukraine
The Odd Things
Malujeme pro duši: Visual Language
A client has asked me to design a simple visual language for her project "Malujeme pro duši - Sebepoznávací akademie" (Drawing for the soul - Self-exploration academy). She provided me with photos and I chose a hand-drawn typeface, that is available for free, along with sans serif Helvetica, that distinguishes this product from her other projects. First visual is for the academy itself. The other visuals are for the three courses that the academy offers.
Graphics for clothes
Designing meaningful messages for clothing. Some of the clothes has been designed for my own brand Czech Your Friends.
Czech This Out
Czech This Out (2013) is an exhibition exploring Czech culture through significant people of Czech origin. People who were born around the 1930’s. The exhibition supposed to take place at the Czech embassy in London. The purpose is to enlighten the British people and people living in London about the Czech culture. The booklet was produced as a supporting artefact in order to promote this special event. It contains five chosen people. You can find out about them and their lives through text and pictures. The booklet also provides two Czech national flags for the visitors which can be torn off.
Remote Mission Infographics
Infographics about the RM community. Remote Mission is an inclusive remote jobs platform, newsletter and community that gives all people with skills access to flexible jobs that make a difference to their lives and to the planet.
Unconditional Love
Have you ever realised that dog is the only creature that will love you regardless your sexual orientation, race, nationality, gender or religion? What this poster says is that we should get inspired by this attitude towards all human beings. The poster was designed for the international competition organised by The brief was to tell about love and right to love in the world.
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