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This Way Up
Identity and production for Graphic Arts Degree Show.
Tamjdem: Icon Redesign
Redesign of icons for Tamjdem o.p.s. Tamjdem CONNECTS PEOPLE WITH A MEANINGFUL WORK. It is a Czech NGO that sends volunteers to not-for-profit organisations, where they help with whatever is needed. For example, building a fence around a kindergarten or painting a wall at an animal rescue shelter, etc. These icons were created to help to communicate the diversity of projects and NGOs Tamjdem works with. An example of use is on the last image - a page from a recent annual report, which I also designed.
Czech This Out
Czech This Out (2013) is an exhibition exploring Czech culture through significant people of Czech origin. People who were born around the 1930’s. The exhibition supposed to take place at the Czech embassy in London. The purpose is to enlighten the British people and people living in London about the Czech culture. The booklet was produced as a supporting artefact in order to promote this special event. It contains five chosen people. You can find out about them and their lives through text and pictures. The booklet also provides two Czech national flags for the visitors which can be torn off.
MeeraDesign: Catalogue
Promotional catalogue for a Czech based fashion brand MeeraDesign. My job was to create a narrative, told through pages of the catalogue. It is based on brand's values - slow fashion, "every woman is a goddess", confidence, kindness, bravery etc. Each capital letter is for each chapter and stands for one of the brand's value. The client provided photos. I led the client to define the copy through bunch of questions I created, based on my initial research of the brand.
RUBIKON Centre: Annual Report 2018 and iconography
The whole annual report can be accessed by clicking the images. RUBIKON Center is a non-profit, civil society organisation, that helps people who want to overcome their criminal past. RC supports them on their way back into society, in gaining and sustaining work, in dealing with debt and being responsible towards oneself, family and their surroundings.
Greeting Cards TREAT
Creating greetings cards for TREAT ( Treat focuses on employee engagement within corporate companies. The concept is a series of small and meaningful gifts that employers are able to give to their employees to make them feel happy, appreciated and valued. Illustration by
The Ukraine Crisis
typography book about the crisis in Ukraine
Badge & Certificates for
Illustration of the badge "MERIT" with laurel leaves and creating certificates for the Charity Apprentice program under the charity. (other badges were already designed)
Zero Tolerance: Annual Report
Zero Tolerance is a Scottish based non-profit that fights against violence against women. I was asked to design annual report following the brand's guidelines.
Business Card AnyzOn
The design of the AnyzOn business cards takes into consideration the challenge of sustainability. By using the QR code the amount of unnecessary paper can be reduced.
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