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Earthquake in Nepal
Badge & Certificates for
Illustration of the badge "MERIT" with laurel leaves and creating certificates for the Charity Apprentice program under the charity. (other badges were already designed)
This Way Up
Identity and production for Graphic Arts Degree Show.
Matertera: Logo Design
Matertera is a Czech based NGO, that specialises in helping and developing potential of single mothers and immigrant women in the Czech Republic. I was asked to design a logo that would be modern and "sexy" to attract donors and supporters from private sector. This is an ongoing project, keep you eyes peeled for more. I am developing the whole branding of this great NGO.
Wedding invitations
Bilingual wedding invitations.
Vařím pro dobrou věc: Visual identity
Visual identity design for a good cause – raise awareness about autism. Designing simple and financially sustainable identity system for a non-profit, including illustrations for t-shirts, aprons, tote bags and colouring book, copywriting, conceptualising and initial research.
Malujeme pro duši: Visual Language
A client has asked me to design a simple visual language for her project "Malujeme pro duši - Sebepoznávací akademie" (Drawing for the soul - Self-exploration academy). She provided me with photos and I chose a hand-drawn typeface, that is available for free, along with sans serif Helvetica, that distinguishes this product from her other projects. First visual is for the academy itself. The other visuals are for the three courses that the academy offers.
Greeting Cards TREAT
Creating greetings cards for TREAT ( Treat focuses on employee engagement within corporate companies. The concept is a series of small and meaningful gifts that employers are able to give to their employees to make them feel happy, appreciated and valued. Illustration by
Tamjdem: Icon Redesign
Redesign of icons for Tamjdem o.p.s. Tamjdem CONNECTS PEOPLE WITH A MEANINGFUL WORK. It is a Czech NGO that sends volunteers to not-for-profit organisations, where they help with whatever is needed. For example, building a fence around a kindergarten or painting a wall at an animal rescue shelter, etc. These icons were created to help to communicate the diversity of projects and NGOs Tamjdem works with. An example of use is on the last image - a page from a recent annual report, which I also designed.
RUBIKON Centre: Iconography
This iconography is a result of a long-term co-operation with RUBIKON Centre. Some of the icons were created for the Annual Report 2018 I have also designed. Each icon describes different areas that RB has to deal with, for example social system, general public, experts, employers, etc. RUBIKON Center is a non-profit, civil society organisation, that helps people who want to overcome their criminal past. RC supports them on their way back into society, in gaining and sustaining work, in dealing with debt and being responsible towards oneself, family and their surroundings.
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