1. Context 
"Vařím pro dobrou věc" translates as "Cooking for a good cause". It is an awareness campaign set up by a non-profit organisation "Tady to mám rád" with the support of chefs from an internationally known TV cooking show (Czech edition). Organisation's aim is to raise money for building a home for adults with autisms (in Czech language PAS is short for autism) and continuously raise awareness about people with autisms through activities, that can be enjoyed by wide audiences. 
T-shirt says "I cook for a good cause and support people with autism (PAS)"
2. Brief & Challenges
I was asked to create and complete the logo and overall identity of the campaign, the initial logo idea and simple illustration style has been done before and the requirement was to keep it. So, the challenge was to develop identity and style as a functional system, so it can be used on several merchandising items and website. The work included selection of typography, illustration of everything else (except the chef in logo itself), introducing the blue colour and blue heart as a way of to identify someone with autisms, copywriting concepts using "PAS" that can be used on merchandising (a few different designs used on t-shirts, aprons, tote bags).
I designed the rounded stickers and cards on the table using the identity and illustrations
3. Goals & Unique Approach
My goal was to establish working, long-lasting and financially sustainable identity system, that is based on well-thought through process and discussion with "Tady to mám rád" about the concept, goals and outcomes. Following the initial black & white style, together with "Tady to mám rád" we established recognisable identity, that can expand through simple illustrations as needed. The blue colour was picked because it is internationally recognised and used colour to raise awareness about autism. The blue heart is a unique solution for this project, that I designed based on the research (usually puzzle symbol is used for autism). I chose a free Google font, so the organisation doesn't have to spend money, that can be used on the cause itself. The font was a successful choice and expanded on identity and website of the organisation itself.
I designed the print on the aprons
I designed the print on the aprons, it says "I support people with autism"
Another t-shirt design, I participated on copywriting, it says "A person with autism wants to connect with others, just doesn't know how." in black, "PAS is short for autism." in blue
Lots of work went into illustrating and designing the colouring book, that aims to show the children what it is like to grown up with autism
I also participated on copywriting for the colouring book
To summarize, this project perfectly represents kind of work I am looking for – working on a good cause to change the world for better in any way, and having a great and open-minded client, who is willing to invest in things that make sense (for example, on my advice most of the merchandising is organic and fair-trade, prints are non-toxic, all done with the supplier I recommended). And I enjoyed the endless process of drawing of the illustrations, which now expanded into creating a cook book, which I will showcase soon.
Photography by Kamil Saliba, www.kamilsaliba.com

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