Jitka is a creative designer, pursuer and entrepreneur who is known for her deep commitment to work on meaningful and positive projects, and for her fearless belief that “everything seems impossible until it’s done”. Jitka reflects and confirms the truthfulness of this idea through her life's journey so far, work, client base and her global adventures.
She is passionate about sharing her experiences gained through travelling around the world with little money, and helping others to trust their guts in order to pursue their life and travel dreams.
Since establishing her graphic design business in 2017, Jitka has been, despite other's doubts, working closely with non-profits, charities and mindful businesses across 3 continents. Her other successful project, “English na Cestách”, has been helping Czechs learn essential English for travelling. And her successful brand “Czech Your Friends” has been spreading positive messages related to travelling, yoga, meditation and plant based eating through merchandising and social media. In fact one of her meditation videos went viral and reached over 30,000 views.
Her open-mindedness and courage brought her to move to England without any knowledge of the English language, she then also gained a bachelor degree in graphic design at a British university. Her go-getting approach secured her a job at a New York based studio, and later work in many different studios across London. All these experiences are reflected in her work and approach to life.
Jitka is passionate about making a positive impact in the world, mainly through visual communication and storytelling. She has been inspiring and opening others to also have a positive outlook not only of the world, but also of themselves. In order to explore herself more deeply and be of better service to her clients in the process, she moved to China to teach English to over 700 students per week, volunteered in a post-war area in Sri Lanka and traveled through south-east Asia, Australia and Europe.
On her journey, she learnt about yoga, meditation and being in the moment. These practices are now her go to daily relaxation methods, along with plant-based cooking and baking, and spending time with animals and in nature.
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